Aviation and Military Watches for Men

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Guys, if you’re in the market for a watch with attitude, aviation watches are trending now. Or, if you’re more of the rugged, outdoorsy type, military watches are hot sellers.

Both of these styles have historically served specific niche markets. As their names imply, the aviator watch was initially made with the aviation industry in mind. Military watches were designed to hold up under extreme conditions that military men face daily.

Aviation watches were designed with pilot needs in mind, such as the ability to endure extremes in temperature and moisture. Typically, the aviator watch will have provisions to tell the time in various time zones and afford a clear digital display.

Generally, this man’s style watch is a little larger than most so that accurate visibility is ensured. The majority have a black face, with contrasting hands. Ideally, the aviator watch will display a barometer and altimeter.

Military watches, like military men, must be military tough! They should be durable enough to withstand worldwide weather conditions and still keep ticking. Many military watches are constructed from stainless steel, with scratch-resistant faces. The dials are not busy so that they can be read effortlessly.

As you can see, military watches don’t require and technically should avoid the bells and whistles included on aviation watches. This originally came about because a watch that beeps during battle could cause catastrophes.

Now that you have the general idea about these two, in-your-face big watches, your question is likely whether or not you can afford to get one. With a small caveat, yes you can!

So – perhaps your bank account won’t stretch to accommodate a diamond-set dial, with sapphire glass and pink gold case. But, could you wrap your mind around a line of well-crafted, classic-inspired watches, which feature quartz movement and cutting-edge technology?

What if they ranged in price from $10.00 to $40.00? What if we told you Infantry Co. manufactures an affordable line of military and aviation watches?

For example, the “INFANTRY Corps Men’s Military Army Multifunction LCD Chronograph Sport Digital Analog Quartz Wrist Watch Stainless Steel Black Dial #IN-016-BLK-S” is a gorgeous representation of a classic timepiece with today’s tweaks.

This model is round-faced and available in analog and digital. It contains a day and date calendar. You will find it solidly built and comfortable to wear. Be prepared to receive positive compliments from your buddies, who will most likely mistake it for one of the high dollar brands.

You can wear the “INFANTRY Men’s Aviator Digital Analogue Display Wrist Watch Stopwatch Alarm Silver Stainless Steel Bracelet Strap #IN-021-S-S” with a 3-piece suit or golfing attire. It features an anti-scratch crystal, precision quartz movement and dual time.

The “INFANTRY Night Vision Military Quartz Green Dial Sport Men’s Wrist Watch Nylon Strap #IN-018-G-N” is a popular item with its green nylon band and green face. It features hour, minute and second functions and nighttime luminosity.

Watches are unique to their wearers. Your choice of military or aviation watches can become your signature piece. Be mindful, females are attracted to men with big watches!

How to Take Care of Your Tax Planning and Preparation This Tax Season

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Although April 15 has passed and you will be free from having to worry about taxes until next year, planning your next tax return now is essential. You can learn quite a bit from your tax fillings and use that information to make the next-year process much easier. Efficient tax planning also means more money in your saving account.

Tax Planning and Preparation Tips

Though software and online preparation has made tax planning easier and less time-consuming, you still have many things to take care of – compiling and filling documentation, providing important figuresand making some critical decisions. Follow a few steps to simplify the process.

Save every tax form that you receive. Create a separate file for all of your tax statements and other important tax-related documentation. This will ensure that you have all those W-2s and 1099s at your disposal when you need them.

Get in the habit of gathering receipts. This is the best way to keep records of your expenses. They can be extremely useful for tax deduction purposes. Whether business expenses or charitable contributions, these receipts can maximize your tax return. Keep a record of capital investments, charitable contributions, unreimbursed medical and job expenses.

Tax planning can be very helpful for doing a little bit of financial “self-reflection.” Use the planning process to find areas where you can save more money. What is the current rate of your mortgage interest? Are you maximizing your retirement fund contributions to ensure higher retirement savings? Improving your financial state through smart changes can potentially reduce your total tax expenses.

Finally, you should keep a list of all income sources. Rather than using tax forms, make your own list of income sources. Identifying sources on your own will minimize the risk of missing any of them when filling out the tax documents.

A Few Additional Suggestions
Consider using accounting software to do successful tax preparation. Whether you are an employer or an employee, accounting management programs will help you keep track of your income and expenses. You can try at least several online tools to increase accountability.

Alternatively, you should consider hiring a professional to help you with tax preparation. A tax professional can review your financial information and help with all of the documents. Experts can offer valuable advice on how to start doing tax planning ahead of time.

You should also be prepared for unexpected changes in your financial situation. Remember that life-changing events will probably impact your tax bill. Marriage, having children and many other events will alter your life, as well as your tax situation.

Follow the above tips to reduce the stress and difficulty of filling tax documents. The sooner you start next year’s tax planning, the less hectic this period of the year will be.

How to Winterproof Your Home

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Most people only think about winter proofing their homes for the sake of comfort. However, there are many reasons why you should implement home renovation projects before every winter season. Another crucial but often overlooked reason for winter proofing a home is the amount of money that is saved through reduction in energy consumption.

For instance, with a properly winter proofed home, you would require less energy to keep your home warm and hence would save money. Similarly, you also stand to save a lot of money by avoiding the damage that severe cold and winter storms can cause to things inside and outside your home. This is why it is important for you to undertake home improvement projects for the winter season. Here are some tips brought to you via Homeservice Club

  1. Insulate the home:

Your home renovation for the winter should begin with insulation measures. While insulating your home may cost you some money through the whole winter, you will easily make up for the outlay and end up saving a lot of money. Your energy requirements will go down, your heating equipment will not be unduly under pressure, and you will be living a comfortable life.


  1. Have your furnace serviced:

Most people start their furnaces for the first time only after the winter has arrived and their home renovation projects are complete. Ideally, you should do this before the onset of the winter so that you can tell if your furnace is in working condition or not. Whether it is operational or not, you should ensure that it is serviced by professionals before a lot of load is put upon it.


  1. Inspect, clean, and repair drains:

Clogged up drainage systems can cause leakage in the house which can increase your home renovation outlay for the next year. This is especially true in winter seasons because blocked water can freeze over and form ice dams with the help of the blockages. This is why, after autumn, you should inspect your entire drainage system, remove leaves and other things that can block it, and repair any flaws.


  1. Take a look at your piping system:

While your drainage system can cause leakage through blockages, your piping system can do the same owing to wear and tear. In fact, the majority of cases of bursting pipes are reported in the winter seasons because of varying temperature conditions. You should hire some professionals, during your home renovation efforts, to check your home’s entire piping system so that they can spot weak points and fix them. It is also recommended to keep hoses disconnected from faucets during the winter season.


  1. Consider dealing with humidity related problems:

Finally, you should consider humidity related problems while implementing home renovation projects as well. Typically, winter is associated with cold, dry air inside the home. If the dryness is severe then it can end up causing skin irritation and, in some extreme cases, even nose bleeds. On the other hand, sometimes winter can cause too much moisture in your home as well. This can result in mildew and mold in the home which would also cause health problems. This is why you should have humidifiers or dehumidifiers in your home.